Code Extras for Dreamweaver

// You'll wonder why Dreamweaver doesn't have these Commands built-in!

Need to duplicate a line of code but not mess with copy-paste? Miss some code editing commands from Eclipse? We got 'em for you here.

  • Duplicate lines of code up or down.
  • Move lines of code up or down.
  • Delete code line.
  • Select entire line, or select either the start or end of a line from current cursor location.

Dreamweaver Versions Supported

Dreamweaver CS3 and 8 work. MX2004 and MX are still to be tested. Windows works and we're going to test Mac real soon.

What is Dreamweaver?

Adobe Dreamweaver is the world's most popular web design editor and supports the installation of plug-ins. Edit CSS, JS, PHP, XML, HTML files, and more.

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